CDC Guidelines for Businesses

on Implementing Coronavirus Cleaning Procedures

Managers and business owners have a responsibility to their employees when it comes to creating a safe and healthy work environment. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a monumental challenge for workplace management as COVID prevention protocol includes an extensive range of measures that people must take to create a sanitary, healthy, and COVID-appropriate office environment.

Besides the measures that personnel need to take, one of the most important ways for companies to prevent an office outbreak is to implement a strict, detailed cleaning protocol. The CDC states that cleaning surfaces once a day when no known COVID-infected people have been in the room is sufficient to remove possible virus particles.

However, high transmission rates, a lack of social distancing and mask-wearing measures, and the known presence of COVID-19 positive people means you need to disinfect and clean more than once a day.

CDC guidelines for facilities recommend that you identify what surfaces are high-touch and which areas are high-traffic. For example, door handles, elevator buttons and bathroom surfaces in commercial spaces open to the public will need regular sanitization. On the other hand, a closed office space where social distancing is observed and employees follow mask protocols may not require as much cleaning.

However, the CDC also strictly advises against engaging staff in coronavirus cleaning procedureswithout PPE. Close proximity to infected surfaces may endanger your staff too. The obvious solution to this dilemma is purchasing and utilizing efficient equipment meant for distant disinfecting.

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The SaniSprayer 360:

The Key to an Efficient COVID Prevention Protocol

Businesses everywhere have been struggling to keep up with essential CDC guidelines for reopening and the cleaning procedures that go with it. Our electrostatic backpack sprayer is ideal for disinfecting large areas up to 40,000 sq. ft. without needing a refill. This lightweight disinfecting machine allows you to transport the can and it’s extendable nozzle using its attached backpack.

The SaniSprayer 360 is ideal for water-soluble disinfectants and contains a 4 Gallon capacity that enables an efficient coronavirus prevention policy to be implemented easily. The negatively charged atomized droplets even coat hidden areas as they move against gravity to land on positively charged surfaces.

Upgrade your COVID prevention protocol today with our backpack disinfecting machine that will keep your employees and workspace sanitary.

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