SaniSprayer 360 – Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer


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  • The Newest Technology for Safely Sanitizing & Disinfecting Commercial Facilities
  • Sprays an Electrostatically Charged Mist to Quickly Wrap Surfaces 360 Degrees
  • the Most Effective & Efficient Method for Eradicating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Portable; Cordless with Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 40,000 Sq Ft of Coverage on One Full Tank
  • Includes Battery, Charger, and Accessories


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2 +$999.00


Product Overview

Portable Electrostatic Sprayer for Easy Disinfection

If you’re looking for a powerful electrostatic disinfectant sprayer, look no further than the SaniSprayer 360. Our handheld disinfectant sprayer is designed to safely sanitize & disinfect commercial facilities with ease. Ideal for commercial businesses such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, offices, schools, churches, public buildings, and more. This is the top-of-the-line cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer that can easily be worn to sanitize large spaces or can be carried on one of our sprayer carts. With a spray range of 6ft and up to 40,000 sq ft of coverage on one full tank, the electrostatic sprayer ensures excellent coverage, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Equipped with a long-lasting battery and charger, users can enjoy hassle-free sanitization without any interruption. The battery pack also comes equipped with a life indicator, so you know exactly when you need to recharge the backpack disinfectant sprayer.

Ideal for all disinfection needs, this powerful disinfectant sprayer is unlike any other on the market.

SaniSprayer360 Spec
SaniSprayer360 Spec

Product Comparision

SaniSprayer 360 VS Victory VP300ESK

12 reviews for SaniSprayer 360 – Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

  1. Jane Lowry

    Backpack was super portable and easy to cover large areas quick! Highly recommended seller, nobody has these right now!

  2. John Rozenblum

    I been looking around for these for weeks now until I found Sanipro! This helped us reopen our day care center safe & sound !!

  3. Joe Dicappiro

    Finally found a reliable company that I can use to clean all of my gyms in NY. Great customer service, highly recommended seller.

  4. Lorrie Silverman

    I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do a professional job myself but this product was super user friendly & the instructions were very detailed!

    Will be purchasing another for our hotel chain ASAP.

    Product came in just 5 days.. Thanks!!!

  5. Marc Cohen

    Had a few questions regarding product, customer support got back to me within an hour !!

    Just purchased 10 units & received a generous bulk discount…

    Beat that COVID!!!

  6. Stevie Foster

    Product itself is phenomenal, shipping speed was a bit long, however its sold out everywhere so can’t really complain…

    Electrostatic sprayer does its job well compared to past purchases from other companies…

    Would buy again.

  7. William DiGiovanni

    Came within a week to California. We are a movie theater & had a much more convenient experience with the SaniPro 360 than Victory. It lasted way longer and coverage more real estate in a faster amount of time… Highly recommended & Dennis is super knowledgable on such a new innovation!

  8. Thomas Garcianno

    Amazing test product, you can notice the difference with these sprayers compared to other products… deeply cleans space and very portable/ ergonomic.. will be buying 10+ units.

  9. John McCormick

    Great product, arrived within 7 business days which is pretty quick as opposed to other companies… will be buying again.

  10. Henry Divicenzzo

    We just received our first 10 units in about two weeks total time. Dennis was very supportive with product information & appropriate solutions to buy along with these products. Sanicart is recommended when buying multiple units.

    Thanks alot!

  11. Mary Folopsky

    This product helped deeply clean our dental office front to back using one backpack. We were surprised with the results & will be buying again.

    Thank you Dennis!

    – Mary

  12. Shawn Wood

    Purchased 3 of these for our company, able to disinfect large areas in very little time, very easy to use. These work better than anything else I’ve seen on the market, just ordered 1 more this morning.

    Thanks Dennis!


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